Hidden Treasures of the Lea Marshes

Welcome to Markfield Park, South Tottenham, N15

Markfield Beam Engine & Museum

Housed in its original Grade II listed Engine House in the former sewage treatment works for Tottenham, it now forms part of Markfield Park.

Steam Days 2014
21 April - Easter Monday
5 May - Early May Bank Holiday
26 May - Spring Bank Holiday
22 June - Sunday
27 July - Sunday
25 August - Bank Holiday
20 & 20 September - Open House Weekend

Engine Steaming
12:30pm to 1:15pm
2:00pm to 2:45pm
3:30 to pm to 415pm

The Beam Engine & Museum
The Beam Engine & Museum
Markfield Pumping Station Whit Monday 1925
Markfield Pumping Station Whit Monday 1925 - courtesy Richard Hadingham, whose grandfather you see tending his allotment

Bulb Planting

Spring in Markfield Park
Spring in Markfield Park

Last November we planted 1000 daffodil bulbs for a good display in the Spring!

With some of Markfield's trees down in last year's storms, it was all the more important to get bulbs planted.

Get involved & out in the fresh air making a difference to ourselves & to our neighbourhood! - See the Conservation page for more outdoor fun!

Herbal Garden

Volunteers in the Herbal Garden outside Markfield Project
Volunteers in the Herbal Garden outside Markfield Project - What Great Work!

Last August, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) created a new herbal garden outside the Markfield Youth Centre with local volunteers, digging over and preparing the bed. We then worked with children from the centre to plant a variety of herb plants, which the centre and children have agreed to maintain.

Markfield Gardener, Taner Ali, had the idea for the activity and it was done in partnership with Groundwork, who paid for the plants and helped promote it. We have a number of upcoming partnership project days with Groundwork in other parks.

Most of our task work is based on information from Wildlife Conservation Management Plans, which most green spaces have. This work complements what the Parks Department does.

TCV are funded by Haringey Council to run practical conservation projects in parks and green spaces across Haringey, support community groups and run environmental education workshops for children at Railway Fields and to also manage this site, we receive additional funding from the People's Health Trust to run Green Gym sessions that promote the physical and mental health benefits of practical conservation. Contact Michael Bury at TCV if you have any additional questions.

Storm Damage

Lime on north edge of playing field
Lime on north edge of playing field

Last October, Markfield suffered storm damage to trees: six trees came down, two needed damaged limbs removed.

The Council surveyed all Haringey parks for storm damage. The Borough had approx 120 trees fall and block public highway. There are probably 100 more in parks and many more in the woodlands and the parkland walk.

More photos with map pin-pointing storm damage >